Name: Daniel Matthews
Position: Director
Age: 36

Hello and welcome to our website.

I would like to tell you a few things regarding my experience within the electrical industry.

I started my electrical apprentice at the early age of fifteen with a company known as DIS Electrical Contractors where I was introduced to the apprentice training scheme and attended Highlands College. I worked with them for a total of 12 years, during this period I ventured off to the United States and lived in Phoenix, Arizona where I worked on large industrial sites like FAB12, Intel’s Microchip Plant. I also studied over there as an electrician to learn their electrical system in which is completely different to ours. During my time in America I gained vast amount industrial knowledge and experience.

On my return I joined back with DIS and moved on to run various contracts as a foreman overseeing several of their employees.

I was offered a three week contract with a colleague of mine and left the company, this was the time to venture out on my own. I bought the first van and then at the age of 28 I set up United Electrical Contractors.

In my first year I was put up for an award for the Young Achiever of the Year at the Building Construction Awards, unfortunately I was a runner up but proud of the achievement and it was good to receive some recognition.

We have now been running for five years and have grown at a good pace. I now consistently employ eleven people, have six vans and good size offices with stores. We oversee many contracts, deliver to deadlines and have good working relationships with our employers.

We thrive on high standards and try to deliver these standards at competitive prices.
Thank you for taking the time to read these words and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Daniel Matthews